Explain IA Poster

Back in April, I created a submission for the Explain IA contest sponsored by the Information Architecture Institute (IAI) and hosted in Flickr. I’m very happy that a lot of folks liked it. With my Flickr entry, I tied for first place in the image/diagram part of the contest, and since then the image has been re-posted in a few places.

IA connects people to content

Click to view a larger version of the image

A few people have mentioned that they want to use the image in presentations to clients or within their company. To let people do that more easily, I’m supplying a PDF version of the poster here which retains the original vector-based artwork. You can use it to mix-match-and-modify the poster into your own presentations, or just use as-is.

As long as you’re not selling the image itself—or a derivative of it— and provide credit to me somewhere when you use it, feel free to otherwise use it as you please. Download a PDF version of the poster